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IoT applications are hitting roadblocks due to the obsolete architecture of today’s Internet. TCP/IP cannot cope anymore with the sheer number of devices and the mobile nature of today’s connectivity. If you look at blockchain, the transaction technology that has taken the Internet by storm. Blockchain technology is taking up jobs, changing the way banks work and also how contracts work.

The traditional Internet has not evolved in decades, uses a point-to-point, IP address-based communication model. This is suitable under small-scale and static network conditions, but it is not suitable for mobile IoT applications where the number of devices is huge and the IP addresses change in real time.

To address this problem, Blockcloud introduces a service-centric network (SCN). Separating the identity of an IP address from its location semantics, it allows applications to establish connections directly with service names without having to handle complex IP address management. This approach can solve the mobility and scalability problems of existing networks, offering both performance and compatibility with existing IP networks. As a complete technology system, blockchain technology can be used to completely solve the problem of trust and incentive in service-centric networks. This creates an ecosystem that is both safe and profitable for all service providers.

Blockcloud can reliably connect a large number of devices in fields such as car networking, smart health, and smart home, and can support mobile communication networks. With its performance and its token incentive system, it can be said that it is the real prototype of the next-generation Internet.

About the Team:
The team behind Blockcloud have an exceptional track record in the application of technical knowledge to business use case scenarios who have published more than 50 papers in top academic journals. Blockcloud CEO Ming Zhongxing is Visiting Scholar to Princeton University, holds a PhD at Tsinghua University and is a member of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Computer Federation. The team behind Blockcloud is composed of scientists from top institutions such as Princeton, Tsinghua University, and Tokyo University, and world-class companies such as Morgan Stanley, BAT, and Huawei. 50% are PhD members.

Token Usage and ICO:
BLOC Token is being utilized by the network to transact value and rewarding participants within the ecosystem such as service providers, miner, and verifiers. Information about the ICO fundraising is not yet released.

Blockcloud packs an impressive pool of investors from Genesis Capital,Innoangel Fund,OK Capital,Neo Global Capital,BKFund,JRR,GBIC,BlockVC,,Brink Asset Consensus Capital and MW Partners.

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