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Today, I’m writing about HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange) which was started by HUOBI PRO. I was invited to HUOBI’s office to learn more about their new project HADAX and to be a community leader for them in Singapore and part of HUOBI.

For a start, they are giving out free tokens. All you have to do is visit:

Date & Time: 20 – 28 Feb 2018, 8pm GMT +8

Each session, they are releasing a lot of tokens to the viewers and on the first session, people were receiving up to $100 in USD (token worth). During the live streaming, they will be covering how new ICOs can get listed on their platform as well as the ongoing voting system where you can vote for your favorite coin to be listed on HADAX. Once a HADAX listed token gets good volume, it will get selected by HUOBI to be listed on HUOBI PRO (top 5 exchange globally).

As mentioned previously, during the Live Huobi Talk, there will be numerous airdrops given for the upcoming token listings. The presenter or the invited guest will ask a simple question and you just need to be the Top 10 to key in your answer in the format: “UID xxxxxxxx answer”. To find your Huobi UID, follow the picture below.

Just log in to your account -> select ‘Account & Security’ under your user id and you can find your UID under ‘Basic Information’.

For more information about the HADAX exchange, you can visit:

HADAX creates a brand-new operation mode:

1. Audit system is changed to the registration system. HADAX only confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of projects but do not make any evaluation of their investment value.

2. Users own the rights to vote for token listing. Users can vote for tokens using HTs. Tokens with top votes will be listed on HADAX.

3. Investor admittance standards are set up. Since tokens listed on HADAX are in the early stage and have higher investment risks, investor admittance standards are established. HADAX will only be opened to professional investors with certain investment experience.

4. HADAX shares all the user data with Huobi Pro. All the income of HADAX will be counted as the income of Huobi Pro.

5. If tokens listed on HADAX meet the listing standards of Huobi Pro, they will also be listed in the “New Zone” of Huobi Pro. If tokens listed on Huobi Pro that no longer meet the listing standards of Huobi Pro but are qualified to be listed on HADAX, they will be moved to HADAX.

HADAX Live Schedule: 1. Project application: Feb 3rd – 12:00 Feb 8th (GMT+8)

As of today, you are able to use this link to fill in the project information and apply to list.

The application deadline is 12:00 Feb 8th (GMT+8). All the submitted projects will enter the voting process after our audit. 2. 1st phase voting: Feb 12th – Feb 28th (GMT+8) In the 1st phase of this voting, we only support ERC20 tokens. U

Users can use Huobi Token (HT) to vote for the projects you support. The vote results of the 1st phase will be published on Feb 28th. 3. HADAX live date: March 1st (GMT+8) HADAX will be live on March 1st and will list the first group of tokens according to the results.